Dieses tolle schwedische Gebäck hab ich auf „Nadel und Gabel“ entdeckt und da ich sowas nieie hinkriegen würde hab ich es für euch rebloggt… Sieht das nicht köstlich aus ?


kardemummarbullar 1

If you would ask me about three things that are omnipresent in Sweden, I would say: trees, IKEA „Färgrik“ mugs and kanelbullar.

These famous swedish cinnamon buns – full of spice and not too sweet – can be found in each and every bakery and café … and each of them serves them in a slightly different way: Different sizes, different ways of twisting, rolling or knotting, different toppings (shaved almonds, pearl sugar…).

Indeed, the kanelbulle is so important for Swedish culture that since 1999 a whole day (4th of October) – Kanelbullens Dag – is devoted to this pastry! Why?!

kardemummabullar 5

Kanelbullar are the quintessence of Swedish fika.

Fika could be easily translated as coffee break … but this does not yet explain the importance of fika in Swedish culture. Fika is a philosophy, an institution. Companies have fika breaks in the afternoon and sometimes in the morning as…

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